How to advertise on the Navy Nuke Job Finder Network

We have linked a Google Document below for companies wishing to advertise on the Navy Nuke Job Finder Network.

You can download and print this document here: Corporate Marketing Package

The Corporate Marketing Package is described in great detail below, but it basically allows you to completely and exclusively rent out the entire NavyNukeJobFinder Online Network for single or ongoing 30 day periods.

Frequently Asked Advertising Questions

Q: Is there another way to work with Navy Nuke Job Finder, other than the method described in the document linked to above?

A: No. Our research indicates that this is the most effective way to reach Navy Nukes. Not just the most effective way on the internet, but the most effective way period. In all of existence, there is no more effective way to reach active duty and veterans of the U.S. Navy Nuke Program.

Q: We only work with vendors, can you send us W9 for tax purposes.

A: Yes, just say when.

Q: I only want to purchase a banner ad…I only want to purchase an email blast…I only want to purchase Facebook marketing…

A: $3,000 per month and you get exactly what is described in the document above.

Q: How do I get started?

A: Call Dustin (832) 305-5997.