Be A Better Nuke – Part 1

There are 3 questions that make their way to my inbox on a regular basis. First, I get a lot of questions from Nukes who have had drug/crime/bad conduct problems and they want to know how they can get a job with that on  their record (trust me, life is not over for you). Second, I get the should I reenlist for shore duty so that I can have time to do a proper job search before I get out (I don’t think it’s necessary). And third, I get tons of questions from younger Nukes asking what they can do to be a better Nuke. Continue reading “Be A Better Nuke – Part 1”

The Best Kind of Navy Nukes…are dependable when it counts

In the Nuclear Program you are going to make some very close friends. This kind of thing always happens when people are all forced to endure the same crappy deal together. There is no other way to say it than that the Nuclear Pipeline really sucks. If you are an enlisted Nuke, your entire career will suck. Period. Boot camp will suck. Nuclear Field A School will suck. Nuclear Power School will suck big harry butt. Nuclear Prototype will suck giant dog butt. Getting qualified and standing watch for the rest of your career will suck slimy, hairy, sweaty, fat, butt! Welcome to the program, and I don’t imagine it’s much better as an officer.


Your friends will make it bearable. One day, you will be deep in the suck, once again getting crapped on by your “leadership,” and Continue reading “The Best Kind of Navy Nukes…are dependable when it counts”

NUKISMS: Vernacular of the U.S. Navy Nuclear Program

Navy Nuke

1) Nuke Fallout: anyone who has ever failed out of the Nuke Program or been kicked out of the program aka Lucky

2) GCE: Gross Conceptual Error. You don’t know what the heck you are talking about

3) Shot Gunning: when you don’t know the correct answer so you lay down every piece of knowledge you have ever obtained. This is a great way to fail a Nuke question but a sure way to pass a test in the civilian world.

4) Easter Egging: when you can’t find the fault or problem so you just start taking random voltage readings or just start investigating random possible problems hoping to somehow stumble upon the real problem.

5) 2.5 Knowledge: aka “knows right answer when told.”  The minimum amount of knowledge Continue reading “NUKISMS: Vernacular of the U.S. Navy Nuclear Program”

Navy Nuke vs. Navy SEAL

I’ve been waiting for this movie to come out.

SEALs are just about the only rate that have a larger cool factor than Navy Nukes, which might be why they make movies about SEALS and not Navy Nukes. However, Dietrich Stogner wrote an awesome book about Navy Nukes titled 72 Hours. Actually the book is about of couple of ex-Navy Nukes who Continue reading “Navy Nuke vs. Navy SEAL”