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I am very happy to put employers like this one above, in contact with the most professional and competent nuclear personnel in the industry. Whether you are an employer looking to hire Navy Nuclear Trained Personnel, or you are a Nuclear Navy Veteran, I have developed an excellent way for you to make the connections you need FAST!


Introducing the Navy Nuke Job Finder Newsletter

Dear Friend,

How much is being directly connected to the Top Navy Nukes in in the Best Companies worth to your career? How much is having a direct link to the Top Navy Nuke Employers worth to your Career?

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Sounds too good to be true?

Well, it isn’t if you have the right CONNECTIONS…i.e., IF YOU KNOW THE RIGHT PEOPLE!

Think about it. A Friend On The Inside is the most powerful job searching tool you could ever have. Hiring managers see thousands of resumes every year. Most of those resumes are collecting dust in a stack of nameless faceless resumes that mean absolutely nothing to that hiring manager. Now imagine the hiring manager’s golfing buddy hands him a resume this weekend…Who do you think is getting an interview on Monday? DO YOU IMAGINE THAT THE INTERVIEW WILL BE ANYTHING MORE THAN A FORMALITY? Simply put, having the right connection, knowing the right person, is EVERYTHING when you are looking for a job.


But Creating That CONNECTION is the Hard Part…

It could take you years and cost you a small fortune to build your network and meet the right person or the perfect combination of people that lets some Nukes get any job they want, while others get rejected at interviews…and are never told why. (The reason is because the other Nuke knew somebody)

But instead of knocking yourself out trying to meet the right person, you can now make  the right CONNECTION simply by subscribing to the Navy Nuke Job Finder Newsletter.

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Who Is Navy Nuke Job Finder?


My name is Dustin Sanchez; I was a Nuclear Reactor Operator on the U.S.S. John C. Stennis (1997-2001). I entered the job market in 2001 and noticed that Nukes were not getting the credit and positions they truly deserved. Once I got to college, and later Law School, I realized that it really is all about who you know.

Know the right people, and you don’t need a resume, and you really don’t need to interview, you just get the job. Since learning this from my rich / well-connected friends in Law School, I have never interviewed for a job or submitted my resume to a job where I didn’t ALREADY KNOW I WAS HIRED.

This is the power of networking. Navy Nukes have every advantage in the job market, except the one that matters most. We don’t know the right people! This is why I started Navy Nuke Job Finder and the Navy Nuke Job Finder Newsletter.

It has been my dream to give back to the Navy Nuclear Community by helping CONNECT Navy Nukes with Employers and Leaders In The Engineering Industry who are looking for the best and most competent individuals the world over. Click Here to Subscribe.

 I’m Building a Network!

I am making the right connections. If you don’t believe me, then read the email above. It was sent to me from a major player in the industry, and I get those kind of emails every day because Navy Nuke Job Finder is recognized as the place to go when you need to hire a Navy Nuke. Notice his words “we are in dire need of nuclear candidates from the Navy.”

Let me ask you a question. Do major players in the nuclear and engineering industries email you every day asking for a Nuke to give a six figure job to? If that happens to you on a daily basis, then maybe I should join your newsletter. If not then you need to join the Navy Nuke Job Finder Newsletter, because I can’t help you, I can’t connect you to my network, if you don’t join.