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The Navy Nuke Job Finder website continues to grow. I made this post to make the website easier for you to use.

Top 11 Frequently Asked Questions

I keep getting the same emails over and over. Can’t answer every question, so please take a look at this incredibly interesting article I put together so that all of your questions could be answered in one place. Also includes the most popular articles on this site…

1. What is the NNJF Newsletter?

I have hundreds of Navy Nukes, ex-Navy Nukes, Nuke Employers, & Nuke Recruiters on my Newsletter Email list. This list is used to quickly shoot new available jobs out to Navy Nukes, and also used to update recruiters & veterans on the latest Nuke-related news. This email list is guarded carefully and never, ever, contains any spam. If you are a Nuke, then you want to be on this Newsletter, join here.

2. How can I advertise on Navy Nuke Job Finder? How can I work with Navy Nuke Job Finder?

Advertising policies are here:

3. How can I find a job on NNJF?

Step one, join the Newsletter and keep an eye on your inbox for opportunities in your area. Step two, join the Navy Nuke Job Finder Facebook Group, and watch for opportunities on the message board.

See also:

4. Who can join the NNJF Facebook Group / Can I post a job in your Facebook Group?

Any employer can ask to join the Facebook Group. Any Nuke / Nuke Vet can join the Facebook Group. You must have a profile pic to join the Facebook group. Your Facebook profile must be filled out, and if I see that your Facebook profile gives any indication of being a spam profile, then I will block you from the group. I get about 15 requests to join the Group every day, and I don’t have time to decide if you are an actual person or some spam-bot who just wants to spam my group. So, if your FB Profile gives any indication at all that you are not a legit person, you will be blocked…forever.

If you are in the Group, then you may post jobs, or request for job opportunities. There is no need to email me asking if you can post to the group, just do it. Do not spam this group. Don’t sell stuff. Don’t post funny little memes. AND DO NOT DIS THE RECRUITERS.

5. I got kicked out of the Nuke program for ___________________________. Is my life over? Can you help me get a job somewhere?

I get this email about once a quarter. It’s not the end of the world if this has happened to you. Read this Facebook post, then privately reach out to the people who have provided great insight on that post.

6. Who is your Favorite / the best Nuke Recruiter?

NNJF is not officially affiliated with any recruiter or recruiting company. If you are a recruiter and you want to be officially affiliated with NNJF, then email me, subject header: Affiliate, tell me why you want to be affiliated with NNJF, and provide 10 references who can vouch for your integrity.

If you are looking for a great Nuke recruiter, then many can be found on the NNJF Facebook Group. While I am not affiliated with any Recruiters, I have developed a friendship with Dean Phelps of When my best friend of 30 years needed a job, I sent him to Mr. Phelps.

7. Who is Dustin Sanchez?

8. I just joined the Nuke Program. What should I do to be the best Nuke Possible?

9. How Much Money Do Nukes Make After the Navy?

10. What is Boot Camp Like?

11. What do you think about going to college? Should I go to college or get a job?

I went to college and law school after the Nav. My feelings on the importance of a college degree have soured over the years. Just have 2 things to say about this, 1) if you do go to college (and you’re single) do yourself a favor and live in the freshman dorms, or join a fraternity / sorority (you will not regret it), 2) whatever you do, do not go to law school.

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