How to Find a Job on Facebook Part 1

navy nuke
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You can quickly and easily find a job on Facebook without ever picking up a classified add, calling a recruiter, or dropping your resume on or In this series I will discuss how to use Facebook to find your next job. It all begins with optimizing your Facebook profile (and every other social profile) to look professional and presentable. This video is easier to view in full screen mode. Sorry, I’m still experimenting with my screen capture software.

Three Points Here:

1) Get rid of your crazy pictures. Delete the undergrad frat parties and the drunken port visits.

2) Delete any embarrassing posts from your wall. If you offend the person in HR who is stalking your profile, you are not getting hired.

3) Update your info page. Make it professional and informative to any prospective employer. Also, consider making your entire profile private, but still do everything listed here just in case someone somehow still manages to access your page.

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Author: navynukejobfinder

I did six years as a surface nuke ET. Then college, then grad school. Now I moderate this forum. Gooooooo navy!