Navy Nuke vs. Navy SEAL

I’ve been waiting for this movie to come out.

SEALs are just about the only rate that have a larger cool factor than Navy Nukes, which might be why they make movies about SEALS and not Navy Nukes. However, Dietrich Stogner wrote an awesome book about Navy Nukes titled 72 Hours. Actually the book is about of couple of ex-Navy Nukes who turn out to be a couple of real bad muthas. If you are a Nuke you will relate to these guys and it will bring back some good memories. I just finished reading 72 Hours and it was freaking excellent. I support Nukes and didn’t serve with Dietrich but he’s a darn good writer and I think you will love his book.

I purchased the kindle version for about 2 bucks.

You can also buy it on hard copy

Now, back to the SEAL vs. Nuke thing. I’ll admit it! I dream everyday about kicking in some scragly wooden door on a room full of terrorists and distributing double taps wholesale. What Nuke doesn’t?  And I’m pretty sure not one Navy SEAL in the history of Navy SEALs has ever fantasized about trading in the Trident for a Ti-36x Solar.

So yes, they got us on the cool factor. And they are some really bad dudes. But hey, we got Compton Scattering! And don’t even get me started on average logarithmic energy decrement per collision. That’s right ladies, I said it…average logarithmic energy decrement per freaking collision!

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