NUKISMS: Vernacular of the U.S. Navy Nuclear Program

Navy Nuke

1) Nuke Fallout: anyone who has ever failed out of the Nuke Program or been kicked out of the program aka Lucky

2) GCE: Gross Conceptual Error. You don’t know what the heck you are talking about

3) Shot Gunning: when you don’t know the correct answer so you lay down every piece of knowledge you have ever obtained. This is a great way to fail a Nuke question but a sure way to pass a test in the civilian world.

4) Easter Egging: when you can’t find the fault or problem so you just start taking random voltage readings or just start investigating random possible problems hoping to somehow stumble upon the real problem.

5) 2.5 Knowledge: aka “knows right answer when told.”  The minimum amount of knowledge needed to pass any test in the Nuke program. You would be shocked at how common it is for someone not to know the right answer when told.

6) 50/50/90: This is one of my all time favorites. If there is a fifty percent chance that you will guess correct, a Nuke will guess wrong 90 percent of the time.

7) RAWQ: Right Answer Wrong Question

8) BMS: Be More Specific

9) Check Valve: somebody who doesn’t share information or pass important news along. “Oh, he’s a check valve”

10) NUB: Non-Useful Body. Somebody who is not qualified and can not stand watch and does not pull their own weight

11) Dinq: somebody who is delinquent in quals, see NUB

12) Hot Runner, aka Shit Hot: Somebody who gets qualified ahead of the qual curve and runs around with military creases and a SAT haircut

13 ) Golden Boy: the guy who tends to get all the good deals, all the best watches, and for some reason all the Chief’s and division leadership thinks this person is God’s gift to the nuclear program. On rare occasions this person actually is very smart, but this person almost always does less work than everyone else. This person also gets advanced in rate faster than anyone else. If you can be this person it’s a great deal!

14) Bagging the Watch: When you show up late to your freaking job! Now some guy is losing out on sleep because you can’t wake your butt up when you are supposed to! You should be shot in the knee caps.

15) Getting Stabbed: Here’s the situation. You just got off watch, you are about to get your first hour of sleep in the last 48 hours. The phone in berthing starts ringing. You hear some NUB answer it and say, “Yes, he’s right here.” Then he comes to your rack and says, “Chief’s on the phone for you.” Then the Chief tells you to come down to the plant because Squiggle needs to be re-aligned! YOU JUST GOT STABBED!

16) The Nav: that’s not a mis-spelling. Most Nukes are so disgruntled that they don’t say Navy, instead they say Nav. And they actually usually say Freaking – Nav.

Do You Have Any More?

After being out of the Nav for nearly 15 years, I’m just not disgruntled enough to remember all the dang Nukisms out there. The further out I get, the more and more I love it. If you have any more, go ahead and add some in the comment section.

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Author: navynukejobfinder

I did six years as a surface nuke ET. Then college, then grad school. Now I moderate this forum. Gooooooo navy!