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Hi it’s Dustin again. I occasionally get noticed that certain companies are searching for Navy Nukes. Today I am giving a shout out to CoreSite. They are a company who is looking to hire Nukes. See the following link:

If you have questions regarding a career with CoreSite, then you should contact Amy Garner at or visit

And don’t be afraid to share this post with someone who is looking for a job. This article was posted on 1/15/2015, if you are viewing this at a later date then the info may not be current. Please direct all questions regarding employment with CoreSite to

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Navy Nuke Interview With Exelon Nuclear Recruiting Team

Every Navy Nuke contemplates getting a call up to The Show. If operating nuclear reactor plants for the U. S. Navy could possibly be considered the minor leagues (certainly in terms of pay), then civilian nuclear power has to be considered the Majors.

We spend 6 or more years perfecting our craft, becoming the best nuclear power plant operators the world over. Many Navy Nukes want to leverage that knowledge and experience into something that offers a better quality of life and more financial reward. Some find that breaking into civilian nuclear power is more difficult than they had expected.

In an effort to encourage more Navy Nuclear Personnel to go stay nuclear, I interviewed a Senior Recruiter for one of the major nuclear power corporations in the United States.

As always, my questions are in bold, the interviewee responses are in normal type, and my commentary is in italics. Enjoy. Continue reading “Navy Nuke Interview With Exelon Nuclear Recruiting Team”

Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile

I spent a lot of time and money learning how to use LinkedIn. I’m going to give it all to you here, for FREE, and without any fluff. There are three pillars to using LinkedIn. You want 1) Authority, 2) Search Optimization, and 3) a Large Network.

We will discuss how to increase the authority of your profile and how to search optimize your profile first, then discuss strategies for increasing your network. Implementing these strategies can increase your chances of getting a job on LinkedIn or they can increase the amount of revenue your business or recruiting service brings in year after year.

The Importance of Search Optimization

People search for you on LinkedIn. If a Recruiter is looking for a navy nuke to fill an engineering position, she goes to that little search box and types in “navy nuclear,” or “reactor operator,” or “quality assurance technician”.

LI Search Box

It works the same in any industry. If someone is looking for a divorce attorney in Houston, they go to this search box and type in something like “Houston Divorce Attorney.” If a Nuke is looking for a good Recruiter in Virginia to help with his job search, he goes to this little box and types in “Navy Nuke Recruiter in Virginia.”

When you begin to optimize your LinkedIn profile you need to determine what you want to be associated with, i.e., what keywords do you want to be found by? Long ago, I optimized my profile for the keywords “navy nuke.” Go to your LinkedIn profile and search on the words “navy nuke” without the quotations.

yourehiredDoes my profile pop up on the first page? It might not anymore because I have since optimized for different keywords but a lot of the Nuke stuff is still in there. Now whenever recruiters use LinkedIn to find Navy Nukes they see my profile and ask to connect with me.

Your first step in making a LinkedIn profile is deciding what keywords you want to optimize for. Then you want to create your profile with the goal of being on the first page of search results for that particular keyword (the top 10 search results). Continue reading “Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile”

How to Find a Job on Facebook Part 1

navy nuke
Get Money

You can quickly and easily find a job on Facebook without ever picking up a classified add, calling a recruiter, or dropping your resume on or In this series I will discuss how to use Facebook to find your next job. It all begins with Continue reading “How to Find a Job on Facebook Part 1”