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navy nuke trainingThat’s me doing some shoulder press in my garage, just felt like including that pic. Anyway…this page is a list of stuff that I actually use and a list of things that I promote because I believe the product either (1) offers a great benefit to the Nuke community, or (2) after having this site up since 2010, I find that I get a ton of the same emails asking the same questions, and these are the products I recommend to answer those questions.

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1) Kindle Fire

I read like it’s going out of style. You do too. I have books everywhere. Books in my room, books in the living room, books on the floor, shelf, table, and in the bathroom. And…these books are also quite expensive. A few years back my girlfriend bought me one of these Kindles. YOU GOT TO GET ONE OF THESE. My stack of books is now just a tiny little pad the size of a small notebook. And the books you buy for your Kindle are like 1/4 the price of a hard copy book. I take my Kindle to work and listen to it while I’m working. The Kindle has a text-to-talk function and it will read the dang book to you while you work. I just plug in my headphones and listen to a book at work (or in the car)…it freaking rocks. If you are a Nuke who still goes out to sea, you got to get one of these. Before you deploy, go on and download 20 books you have been wanting to read for about 1/4 the price you would pay in hardcopy and they are all instantly zapped to your Kindle, which is registered with amazon. It’s Re-Freaking-Diculous. Click on the pic to shop around for Kindles and read some reviews about the Kindle!


Products That Answer Most of My Email Questions

I get 4 main email questions here at NavyNukeJobFinder, and they are in the following order:

  • Dustin, will you please look over my resume and tell me what you think?
  • Should I go to college / What degree should I get / Do Nukes need to go to college / What colleges will work with my schedule? Or some variation of this theme.
  • DUSTIN!!!!! I have an interview (or several interviews) tomorrow!!!!!! Can you please help me cram for my interview / write an email to give me a personality so that I can talk to a human being who might give me a job??!!!! (In my head the person writing this email is always yelling / out of breath and super nervous).
  • Dude…I got kicked out of the freaking NAV for drugs/alcohol/cheating/some bullcrap that I didn’t even do. Can I still get a job after getting dishonorably discharged.

What I used to do was spend 2-3 hours crafting an email response to these questions every time one came in. Mainly because I really care about my brother and sister Nukes and I just want to freaking help. But, eventually the amount of inquiries outstrip my ability to respond (there are only so many hours in a day). Because of that, I now recommend the following products:

2) Prepare for the Job Interview (in 24 hrs)

Prep for the Interview-minYou would think that after years of enduring qualification boards and level of knowledge checkouts and ORSE / MTT Interviews, that Nukes would be really great at job interviews. Sometimes people just get nervous about sitting in a room face to face with an interviewer or an interview panel and a lot of Nukes contact me regarding same. I know that these individuals are perfectly capable of dominating an interview, but sometimes we (as nukes) just want some gouge. We need something to study or to cram for. It’s kind of like a security blanket.

If you are one of these people, you might look into Prepare for the Job Interview in 24 Hours or Less. It’s kind of like the “social” gouge for job interviews.

It contains a ton of info that will set your mind at ease and allow you to practice / do an interview “run through” before actually getting interviewed. Now a little disclaimer. I really don’t think you need this product. I think you can handle an interview with the experience you have or by simply doing a Google search for how to ace a job interview. It’s really all about just practicing the first few BS get to know you/why do you want to work here questions. After that everything is butter, but if you are one of those people who hates any kind of face to face interview, then purchase this short little eBook, give it a quick read to set your mind at ease, then go dominate the job interview. It’s only about $9.

3) How to Build a Job Winning Resume

I don’t have a product to promote here. I checked out a few of them and they all were not anything I would feel comfortable promoting. So I wrote this blog post: If you are having resume problems, then get with your recruiter and just format yours to look like someone else’s, or ask one of your Nuke friends who has a similar job to let you see their resume. Definitely read the blog post that I wrote because it will give you some key advice. You may also want to ask the Navy Nuke Job Finder Facebook Group for help here. In any case, I am no longer accepting resumes for review. It’s too time consuming and to easy of a solution.

4) The Dishonorable Discharge Question

I don’t really have a product to recommend for this question. It would be best for you to ask this question at the Facebook group, but it’s ok to email me this question and I’ll do my best to answer it because I know that it might not be something you want to talk about in a public forum.

Navy Nuke Required Reading

4-Hour Workweek will revolutionize the way you look at work, life, and the fact that some people make a lot more $$ than you do, by doing a lot less than you do, and spending more time with their family while you are still at work.

The Fountainhead is a great story for anyone who has ever tried to accomplish anything when everyone else said they couldn’t do it. If you have ever been the only person who was right, and you stuck to your guns while everyone else was telling you that you were wrong…this book is for you.

Catch-22 was the first Office Space. Book is set in WWII but I read it on every deployment b/c it was like the author knew exactly what frustrations I was dealing with as a Nuke stuck in a bureaucratic madhouse, and it made me laugh out loud several times.

5) All Other Questions

Most of the Nuke Related or Career Related questions you have can be answered at the Navy Nuke Job Finder Facebook Group. These include questions like: Dustin I’m getting out in __ months, do you know of any jobs in ___ state? Or, My husband is stationed in ___, do you know what the command is like there? Or, Dustin, I’m in Nuke School right now and looking to ______.

Those are all really good questions for the Facebook Group. I am happy to answer your questions via email, but (literally) I get about 300 emails every week and I can only answer so many before next week’s 300 emails come rolling in.

Just click the link, ask to join the group, then when you are approved post your question on the wall. Be careful, Nukes are a strange bunch and after years of getting jerked around in the fleet, most nukes cannot pass up the opportunity to give a smart ass remark to questions asked by guys who are still in nuke school, just expect this and eventually someone will answer your question.

In any case, here’s a picture of me and some friends standing in front of the Alamo in San Antonio, Texas. I’m the short guy.